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Take tylenol and zantac same time
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Someone said: Too many mg of Tylenol / acetaminophen per 24/hr period will cause your liver to die and rot. DO NOT MESS AROUND WITH DOSAGE!!! Don't think you're .

Main > General Questions . Would that be just as effective for a headache as taking 2 of the same thing? . They are two different things and they have different .

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Best Answer: Look at the label. What are the active ingredients. If they are the same. .then don't take them together. If they are different, they work in different .

kayah said: YES! Too much acetaminophen causes liver damage. Speak up for the baby's sake, beg the mother to ask her baby's doctor if she doesn't believe you.

Message Written by; Take tylenol and zantac same time Is there any difference between taking prescription Zantac 300 and 2 OTC Zantac 150? I've been taking Zantac 300 for a hiatal hernia and acid .

2 Answers (question resolved) - Posted in: tylenol, acetaminophen - Answer: Yes acetaminophen is the SAME as tylenol. Be careful, as you can damage .

Would that be just as effective for a headache as taking 2 of the same Take tylenol and zantac same time thing?

Medication and Drugs Questions including "Is it safe to take clonazapam and Tylenol at the same time" and "Where did marijuana start"

Is it safe to take tylenol and zantac at the same time Take Lyrica at the same time daily, and do not stop taking. Tylenol? Yes. Take no more than 4000mg of. Zantac?

Related Questions. Can you safely take Excedrin with Dayquil? Excedrin and Dayquil are the same thing, it wouldn't be best . Is aspirin safe to take .

Best Answer: Yeah Sal de uva is mexican baking soda and tylenol is fine as long as you don't have liver problems or are already taking another medication that has .

Zantac discussions on . confident that was my problem. I have used Aciphed, Zantac, and now Protonix.

A little more energy, but brain gets foggier. Sometimes Tylenol III is needed for chest pain. Two 40 mg nexium and two

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